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Welcome to StwooArt website.

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My name is Vedad Karavdić, I was born in 1986. in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I still live to this day.
I studied forestry in the University of Sarajevo, but I was quickly absorbed to different objects such as web designing, software development, system administration but also artistic expressions as photography, pencil drawing and graphics.
This is an effort to express my interests of various areas and to combine all my work in one place.
My goal is mainly the active development of the source code on which this website is running, but also to unify and to present all of my work.


It is indeed hard to express and combine different types of art in a single unit, but if we look "under the hood", it is impossible to separate each. Graphic design, programming, the basics of hacking, knowledge of different platforms and even the essentials of art photography are some of the creative ingredients that one programmer / web developer should master.

Hope you enjoy browsing my website and you have as much fun as I had in creating it!

...from idea to masterpiece...
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